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5th Sem

Model: EEE5DCSP3
Electric Machines is designed to serve as a textbook for a course on electrical machines for undergraduate students of engineering. It provides an insight into the fundamentals of the theory and performance of electric machines. The book includes comprehensive discussions on phasor diagrams and thei..
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Model: EEE5TDR1
Elements of Power System Analysis 4th Edition, authored by William D. Stevenson, is a book that is based on the author’s classic and gives students a modern update of this popular textbook. It covers topics like power flow, power system stability and transmission lines. The book also educates the re..
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Model: EEE5MCTR2
Modern Control Engineering is the fifth edition of the senior-level textbook for control engineering that provides a comprehensive coverage of the continuous-time control systems. It discusses the analysis and design of the Control Theory.Katsuhiko Ogata has provided the entire content of the book i..
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Model: EEE5MCTR3
Written to be equally useful for all engineering disciplines, this text is organized around the concept of control systems theory as it has been developed in the frequency and time domains. It provides coverage of classical control, employing root locus design, frequency and response design using Bo..
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Op Amps and Linear Integrated Circuits: Concepts and Applications covers the fundamental and practical applications of amplifiers and linear integrated circuits while allowing readers to explore an array of interesting and useful topics such as non-linear circuits, oscillators, regulators, integrato..
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Model: EEE5DCSR1
In this third edition the opportunity has been taken of a complete conversion to rationalized M.K.S. units. All formula whether concerned with electrical magnetic mechanical or thermal quantities are consistent among themselves in respect of units. Only numerical examples are decimal multiples or su..
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