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Model: CE3SOMP1
Strength of Materials is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students studying Mechanical or Civil Engineering. The book teaches students how materials bear loads and how they react under loads. It teaches them how to analyse the stresses in materials, explaining the phenomena of elasticity ..
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Model: CE3SOMR1
Elements Of Strength Of Materials is the reference text material designed for undergraduate engineering graduates specializing in civil engineering. The book deals with mechanics of materials, which tells us about how objects withstand strain and stress and rely upon geometrical and physical co..
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Model: CE3SOMP2
Mechanics Of Materials strives to explain solid mechanics on a basic level to its readers. After the basic definitions are covered, the theory begins regarding different types of stresses, and how various materials react to them. It is a comprehensive book on the application of forces to materi..
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Model: CIV3SOML7
Strength of materials is the study of the behavior of objects under stress. This field of study finds special application in construction engineering. Builders have to plan for the interactions of the construction materials with forces acting on them. Strength of Materials : Mechanics Of ..
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This book presents the principles of methods of solving problems on strength of materials and is intended for the students of first degree course in engineering and architecture and for those who are taking the A.M.I.E. Examinations.This book is the outcome of the authors lectures on this subject ov..
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