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Computer Organization & Design 	David Patterson & Hennessy 	,Elsevier 				Out Of Stock

Computer Organization & Design David Patterson & Hennessy ,Elsevier

The book, Computer Organisation and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface, is a bestseller of..

Rs. 595.00

Computer Organization and Architecture : Designing for Performance | William Stallings | Pearson Education | 10th edition

Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance, 8/e is helpful for students of co..

Rs. 749.00

Computer System Architecture | Moris Mano | Pearson | 3rd Edition

Computer System Architecture deals with both computer architecture as well as computer organization ..

Rs. 640.00

Computer systems design and Architecture | Harry F Jordan Vincent P Heuring | Pearson Education

The authors take a "No Mysteries" approach to computer systems. They interrelate three different vie..

Rs. 719.00

Structured Computer Organization |Andrew S. Temenbauam | Pearson education |6th Edition

A best-selling book, it provides an accessible introduction to computer hardware and architecture. T..

Rs. 719.00