3rd semester MATH

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Finite-Dimensional Vector Spaces , Halmos Paul R. , Springer , 2013

"The theory is systematically developed by the axiomatic method that has, since Von Neumann, dominat..

Rs. 595.00

Introduction To Linear Algebra , Lang , Springer , 2nd Edition

Introduction to Lineal Algebra, 2nd Edition is a reference book for the knowledge seekers of linear ..

Rs. 395.00

Linear Algebra : A Geometric Approach , S Kumaresan , PHI Learning , 1st Edition

This clear, concise and highly readable text is designed for a first course in linear algebra and is..

Rs. 250.00

Linear Algebra, Kunze Ray, Hoffman Kenneth , PHI Learning , 2nd Edition

A comprehensive treatment of the subject. How it differs from the version: The first part of the boo..

Rs. 250.00

Mathematical Analysis , T. M. Apostol , NAROSA BOOK DISTRIBUTORS , 2nd Edition

Mathematical Analysis is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of Mathematics. The bo..

Rs. 435.00

Principles of Mathematical Analysis , Walter Rudin , Mcgraw Hill Education , 3rd Edition

The third edition of this well known text continues to provide a solid foundation in mathematical an..

Rs. 375.00