3rd semester PHY

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CONCEPTS OF NUCLEAR PHYSICS , COHEN MN , Mcgraw Hill Education , 1st Edition

This book attempts to introduce atomic physics at an advanced undergraduate or postgraduate level in..

Rs. 499.00

Contemporary Optics , Ghatak , Macmillan India Ltd , 1st Edition

This book, written specifically for advanced undergraduate and first year graduate students, provide..

Rs. 190.00

Nuclear Physics , I. Kaplan , Narosa Publishing House , 2nd

The application of nuclear physics is invaluable in the sustenance of the modern world. Its importan..

Rs. 395.00

Nuclear Physics , S N Ghoshal , S.Chand Publishing , 1st Edition

For undergraduate and postgraduate students of all Indian Universities. The topics included are the ..

Rs. 595.00

Nuclear Physics Theory and Experiments , R. R. Roy, B. P. Nigam , NEW AGE INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHERS , 1st Edition

The book bridges the gap between a course on modem physics and an advanced formal treatise on Nuclea..

Rs. 199.00