4th semester PHY

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A text book of spherical trigonometry and spherical astronomy, S K Dubay , Swastik Publication, 2007

We are extremely glad to put in the hands of the students the edition of 'A Text Book of Spherical..

Rs. 695.00

Lasers and Non-Linear Optics, B. B. Laud, New Age International, 3rd Edition

The Book is addressed to the advanced undergraduate and graduate students interested in lasers...

Rs. 275.00

Modern Physics, Kiruthiga Sivaprasath , Murugeshan, S. Chand Publishing, 15th Edition

Modern Physics is a comprehensive book for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Physics. ..

Rs. 645.00

Optical Electronics, Ghatak, Cambridge, 1st

This textbook provides senior undergraduates studying modern optics with a comprehensive account o..

Rs. 495.00