KPSC Mains

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151 Essays (Old Edition) | S C Gupta | Arihant |2012

151 Essays by S.C Gupta is a compact guide for students. It deals with a plethora of topics ranging ..

Rs. 295.00

Contemporary Essays for Civil Services Examination | Ramesh Singh | McGraw Hill Education

Key Features:Reference to important government data and documents in most essays.Introductory write-..

Rs. 225.00

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude | M Karthikeyan | McGraw Hill

This book is meant for aspirants of the Civil Services Mains examination – General Studies Paper IV...

Rs. 330.00

General Studies - Paper I | Edgar Thorpe | Pearson Education |2015

An ideal package for UPSC aspirantsGeneral Studies - Paper I by Edgar Thorpe is a set of books which..

Rs. 1,350.00

General Studies Manual Paper-1 | Manohar Pandey | Arihant Publications

Packed with exhaustive material, the General Studies is a mini-encyclopedia for students making a se..

Rs. 1,375.00

General Studies Paper 2 | McGraw Hill Education (9 October 2015)

The 2016 Edition of General Studies is a comprehensive book that has gathered and incorporated all t..

Rs. 995.00

Governance in India | M Laxmikanth | McGraw Hill Education

The book deals with every little detail that aggregates with the major events, corresponding to the ..

Rs. 445.00

IAS Mains General Studies Paper (ETHICS INTEGRITY & APTITUDE) | Arihant Experts | Arihant Publications |2015

Arihant's IAS Mains General Studies Paper 4 ETHICS INTEGRITY & APTITUDE is a comprehensive book ..

Rs. 350.00

India's Internal Security - for UPSC Mains General Studies (Second Edition, June 2016), Band R InforMedia, 2016

The Book has been written to provide a comprehensive coverage of internal security part of UPSC Main..

Rs. 299.00

India's National Security: A Reader (Critical Issues in Indian Politics) ,Kanti P. Bajpai , Harsh V. Pant , Oxford , 2013

India's National Security: A Reader (Critical Issues in Indian Politics) is a book that talks about ..

Rs. 1,045.00

Internal Security and Disaster Management: GS Paper 3 ,Ashok Kumar , McGraw Hill Education, 2014

Security and Disaster Management is an important topic in the Generral Studies Paper III of the civi..

Rs. 195.00