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This text is based on the understanding and application of three fundamental physical considerations which govern the mechanics of solids in equilibrium. All the discussion and theoretical development is explicitly related to these three basic considerations. This approach brings in unity to..
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Chapterwise Gate Mechanical Engineering Preparation For An Examination That Primarily Tests The Comprehensive Understanding Of Various Undergraduate Subjects In Engineering And Science, Demands Extensive Knowledge And Revision Of The Concepts Covered Under The Gate 2016 Curriculum. Gate I..
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The object of this book is to develop the basic principles of introductory circuit analysis and, at the same time, introduce the computer as an aid in solving linear, non-linear, and time- varying circuits. In level and content, this book provides a basic introduction to circuit theory and p..
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Model: GATEEC2
Communication Systems is a book that covers analog and digital communications, and is an ideal guide for students and professionals in the field. The book comprehensively covers the concepts associated with the subject, and also features examples and exercises after each chapter. Students can s..
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Model: GATECS6
    Computer Networks, Fifth Edition, is the ideal introduction to the networking field. This bestseller reflects the latest networking technologies with a special emphasis on wireless networking, including 802.11, 802.16, Bluetooth&trade, and 3G cellular, paired with fixed-n..
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Concrete technology – Theory and practice | M S Shetty | S. Chand and Co Concrete technology – Theory and practice | M S Shetty | S. Chand and Co
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Model: CE3BMCTP2
Concrete Technology: Theory and Practice was first published in 1982, when it was mentioned in the book that India was producing 22 million tons of cement. In 2004, this amount became 120 million tons, and today, India is second only to China in the production of cement.These statistics are emp..
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Model: GATECS4
This text presents the subject within the purview of the course requirements, in agreement with the style followed by any Schaum's title. With a presence of strong pedagogical features, the authors have explained all topics with a brief theoretical account to strengthen the understanding of ..
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A compilation of practically everything that goes into engineering electromagnetics, this book is an excellent resource for anyone doing anything related to this topic. Summary Of The Book This book is written particularly for students of engineering and is meant to serve as a textbook..
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Engineering Hydrology | Subramanya K | Tata Mcgraw Hill | 4th Edition Engineering Hydrology | Subramanya K | Tata Mcgraw Hill | 4th Edition
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Model: CE5HIEP1
Meant for the undergraduate students of Civil Engineering, written in a simple and lucid style, this book focuses on the Indian scenario of water resources with orientation to tropical climates. Comprehensive coverage and clear explanations make the book very student friendly. Features Right depth o..
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