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Model: MCOM3FS1
This book  Financial Services  provides a comprehensive coverage of contemporary topics such as Factoring, Leasing, Venture Capital Financing, Insurance, Pension Funds and Micro-Financial services.Salient Features Elaborate treatment on Merchant Banking, Stock Broking, Micro-Financial..
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Model: MCOM3FS3
In view of the increasing importance of Financial services has emerged as a separate discipline of study at the postgraduate level of various university examinations in Commerce and Management...
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Model: MCOM3FM7
This book is about the financial markets, domestic and international, that are used by multinational corporations, government agencies, and banks in the conduct of their business. While it is not about financial management per se, it explains much about the markets in which corporate international f..
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Model: MCOM3FM1
This book explains the workings of the securities industry, including the initial public offering, types of stocks, who's who inside the brokerage firm, back-office operations and investment analysis. This new edition includes new chapters that cover ongoing changes at the NYSE, the AMEX, Nasda..
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Model: MCOM3FM6
Indian Financial System is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of Commerce. The book comprises chapters on financial markets, financial intermediaries, capital market  instruments, and private foreign investment. In addition, the book consists of several tables and charts to he..
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Model: MCOM3FM5
he Indian Economy and Financial markets are in a State of disarray and are undergoing various transional changes, during 2008 to 2010. The Economy is under recession and the growth rates slowed down particularly due to drought condition in Agriculture and Global Recession. The growth of industry and..
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Model: MCOM3SA1
This comprehensive interface of traditional and modern approaches to securities analysis and portfolio management embraces a global approach and uses the unique feature of applying concepts to a continuous example, McDonald's Corporation...
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Model: MCOM3FM3
Stock Exchanges, Investments, And Derivatives: Straight Answers To 250 Nagging Questions aims to impart to readers the basics of the stock exchange, its functions, and operations.Summary Of The BookStock Exchanges, Investments, And Derivatives: Straight Answers To 250 Nagging Questions is a one..
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Model: MCOM3FM2
The book presents the concepts and practices of the working of stock exchanges in India. A comparison of US as well stock exchanges abroad, both developed and emerging, have been presented. The evolution from forward trading, badla, to rolling settlement has been traced...
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Model: MCOM3FS2
Venture Capital: The Indian Experience (English) 1st Edition (Paperback) Price: Rs. 125Venture capital plays an important developmental role, and the process underlying its success can be effectively studied by a systematic review of the venture capital experiences. This book presents a detailed cas..
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