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Financial Specialisation

 Indian Financial System By Abhijit Datta |Excel Books  Indian Financial System By Abhijit Datta |Excel Books
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This book comprises of 22 chapters divided into four parts. Part I introduces the readers to the organization and phased development of the Indian financial system. Part II gives insights into the different financial markets in India, various financial instruments, issuance methods, and listing regu..
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 Indian Financial System By P N Varshney & D K Mittal |Sultan chand Publishers  Indian Financial System By P N Varshney & D K Mittal |Sultan chand Publishers
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Part I—Money and Capital MarketsFinancial Markets—Participants and InstrumentsMoney MarketCommercial BanksCall Money MarketTreasury Bill MarketCommercial Bills Market and Bill Rediscounting Scheme (BRS)Certificates of Deposits (CDs) and Commercial Papers (CPs)SBI DFHI Limited. and STCIGilt-edged/Gov..
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A dynamic financial system helps in the development of a country. Indian Financial System has become dynamic in the last two decades through continuous transformation. The main objectives of this transformational change are to be compatible with the ever-changing economy and be competent with other ..
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Financial Management is a comprehensive textbook for management students with a managerial decision-making orientation and application of concepts through case studies. The textbook deals with the concepts of core finance with emphasis on specialized sub-areas such as corporate finance, working..
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Financial Management by Khan and Jain continues to aid the financial manager by lucidly explaining theories, concepts and techniques with its comprehensive coverage. With an analytical approach and dedicated decisional focus for concepts, the text helps understand the dynamic discipline of Financial..
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The book highlights the modern, analytical approach to corporate finance decision-making.  Its aim is:• to help readers develop a  thorough understanding of the theories and concepts underlying financial management in a systematic way  • to  make  the  subject  of ..
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Indian Financial System & Development Innovating Success by Vasanth Desai | Himalaya Publishing House Indian Financial System & Development Innovating Success by Vasanth Desai | Himalaya Publishing House
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The financial system in India comprising of financial institutions, financial markets, instruments and services is characterised by two major segments − a growing organised sector and a traditional informal sector. The key to maintaining high growth with reasonable price stability lies in rapid capa..
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The eighth edition of this leading textbook on Indian Financial System is aimed at reflecting the current regulatory and policy developments in the financial system in India. It comprehensively covers the significant developments till March 2013.FeaturesDiscussion on Institutional Placement Programm..
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Indian Financial System explains the changing dimensions of the country’s financial set-up owing to the financial sector reforms. The book assesses the Indian financial system in the light of contemporary changes that have taken place in financial markets, mutual funds industry, insurance and bankin..
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