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Ghai Essential Pediatrics

Ghai Essential Pediatrics is a comprehensive book on pediatrics for medical students at the gradua..

Rs. 875.00

Pye*s Surgical Handicraft

This is the 22nd edition of a popular work on the techniques of surgery and the duties of a house ..

Rs. 475.00

The Short Textbook of Pediatrics

Key Features This book gives useful information on the problems of child health in our country a..

Rs. 895.00



D. C. Dutta's Textbook of Obstetrics, authored by Hiralal Konar, is a fully revised book on the la..

Rs. 850.00 Rs. 638.00

A Manual on Clinical Surgery | S Das | 12th Edition -10%

A Manual on Clinical Surgery | S Das | 12th Edition

A Manual on Clinical Surgery is a celebrated book on clinical surgery by Dr. S. Das. The book comp..

Rs. 930.00 Rs. 837.00

Companion for Final MBBS by Singi yatiraj

Compilation of original questions of all the question papers of Revised Scheme (RS) of the Raji..

Rs. 225.00

D.C. Dutta's Textbook of Gynaecology

D.C. Dutta's Textbook of Gynaecology 6th Edition, authored by Hiralal Konar, is a useful text for me..

Rs. 750.00

Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine, Stuart H. Ralston

Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine talks about contemporary medical practice with e..

Rs. 2,700.00

First Aid for Babies & Children Fast

From minor injuries such as scraped knees to major, potentially life-threatening conditions such a..

Rs. 975.00

Hutchison's Clinical Methods, Glynn

Hutchison's Clinical Methods, first published over a century ago, is the classic textbook on clini..

Rs. 1,467.00

Manual of Practical Medicine , Alagappan

Manual of Practical Medicine 4th Edition, authored by R. Alagappan, is a comprehensive book for st..

Rs. 725.00

Mudaliar and Menon’s Clinical Obstetrics

Generations Of Undergraduate Medical Students Have Been Familiar With Mudaliar And Menon’S Clinica..

Rs. 695.00