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Model: BSC4CP6
This book provides a detailed coverage of various database concepts and models, and also covers emerging technologies in the field. Summary of The Book The book begins with the basics and then takes the reader into an exploration of the different concepts, methodologies, and models inv..
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Model: MCA2CN79
This book provides and introduction to the inner workings of computer networks, taking a unique ‘engineering' approach that helps readers gain insight into not just how but also why networks work the way they do.Table of ContentPrefaceIntroductionAtoms, Bits, and NetworksThe Telephone Network: Conce..
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Model: MCA2CN1
This book provides a comprehensive, self-contained tour through all of networking - from the lowest levels of data transmission and wiring to the highest levels of application software - explaining how underlying technologies provide services and how Internet applications use those services. For ins..
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Model: GATECS6
    Computer Networks, Fifth Edition, is the ideal introduction to the networking field. This bestseller reflects the latest networking technologies with a special emphasis on wireless networking, including 802.11, 802.16, Bluetooth&trade, and 3G cellular, paired with fixed-n..
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Model: MCA2OS1
The text goes beyond the standard coverage in operating systems courses with key chapters on multiprocessing, networking, distributed systems, performance, and security. The text features extensive, up-to-the-minute case studies on the latest versions of Linux (2.6) and Microsoft Windows XP. An abun..
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Model: BSC3CSP3
Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles is a comprehensive and unified introduction to operating systems. By using several innovative tools, Stallings makes it possible to understand critical core concepts that can be fundamentally challenging. The concepts are then enhanced and supported..
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