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Model: BEE1L4
The contents of this text book exactly meet the requirements of the subject " Basic Electrical Engineering" prescribed for the FIRST/SECOND semester of VTU..
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Basic Structural Analysis | Reddy C S | Tata McGraw Hill |3rd Edition Basic Structural Analysis | Reddy C S | Tata McGraw Hill |3rd Edition
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Model: CE5SAR1
The new edition of this book presents the basic principles of classical and matrix structural analysis. It provides a smooth transition from the classical approaches that are based on physical behaviour of structures in terms of their deflected shapes to a formal treatment of a general class of stru..
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Model: CE3BMCTR1
 Features:Complete coverage of the course on "Concrete Technology"It reflects the latest information on standards and specifications.A number of photographs have been provided in each chapter to enhance comprehension and give the reader new ideas about uses/construction with concrete..
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Model: CE3BMCTP2
Concrete Technology: Theory and Practice was first published in 1982, when it was mentioned in the book that India was producing 22 million tons of cement. In 2004, this amount became 120 million tons, and today, India is second only to China in the production of cement.These statistics are emp..
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Model: JITL9
The book deals with various elements of JIT philosophy and analyses case applications drawn from a variety of industries and organisations across the world. It will be useful to postgraduate and research students in management institutions, IITs (offering manufacturing systems option) and practising..
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This revision offers a crisp, clear explanation of the basics of object-oriented thinking via UML models, then presents a process for applying these principles to software development, including C++, Java, and relational databases. An integrated case study threads throughout the book, illust..
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Model: OR6P65
Operations Research is the application of mathematical principles in decision making. This method uses techniques like statistical analysis and mathematical modeling to find the optimal solution to a problem or a situation.Operations Research: Theory And Applications covers the various techniqu..
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Model: IS4PSQP7
Although different, Probability and Statistics are related academic disciplines. Probability distributions are often utilized along with statistical analysis and these two subjects are studied together. Miller & Freund’s Probability And Statistics For Engineers covers the basics of statistics and pr..
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Brand: ANC Model: 1CCPP2
For those who has just stepped into the world of C language, Programming in ANSI C: Virtual Lab for C Programming 6th Edition is the best book to initiate the learning process. Programming in ANSI C: Virtual Lab for C Programming teaches the programming language in a simple and logical language. T..
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